On this website we describe the production of an image intensifer eyepiece using a ca. 30 year old ex-military 1st Generation Image Intensifer.

We use photos from the construction of two eyepieces - as we didn't take enough photos first time around! Although a similar construction technique was used for both, their are slight differences in detail which demonstrate changes that can be made dependent upon your preferences and what is available to you.

The first one took us about 15 hours but the second only an hour once we had worked out the process.

The final design still has one flaw - namely that a lot of weight is held by a glued joint near the front of the intensifier - the whole device's weight is held by this joint when the image intensified eyepiece is in the telescope. For this reason we recommend that you add a lanyard to your final eyepiece and attach this to your scope when in use - if the joint then fails the eyepiece will be stopped by the lanyard from falling to the floor. Image intensifiers are designed around cathode ray tubes which are quite fragile. Likewise take care during construction that your image intensifier tube (round) does not roll off the table.